What happened to the mountain bike industry?

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Sporting victory

Mountain Cycling in the united kingdom has experienced a renaissance during the past ten years using its national and worldwide profile being increased through the efforts of the British Cycling group, with celebrities like Victoria Pendleton and Chris Hoy cleanup up on the trail in the Olympics, along with Bradley Wiggins winning England's first ever Tour de France. This success, originally on the course, was chiefly because of the rise of funding from Sport England, accompanied with the development of Team SKY and its competitive recruiting of British celebrities from Sir Brailsford. All of this improved sporting success and its own following media exposure has attracted biking back to the public aware.
Around precisely the exact same period that Sport England started seriously investing in biking the UK government started the cycle to function strategy to incentivise people to embrace sustainable transportation as part of its Green Transport program. Both of these factors among other like the congestion charge in London, have had a massive influence on the prevalence of cycling.

Retail industry

The UK has witnessed a significant jump in earnings within the biking industry from approximately 2.3 million bicycles in 2002, to 3.7 million in 2003, where it remained for another decade (see chart ). Even the"great recession" of 2008 does seem to have had a tiny negative impact in 2008-9 on earnings, however the frequent tendency of downturn increasing cycle earnings appears to have had a general positive impact with a major increase between 2009 and 2010.
With almost all retailers discovering that a whole lot of earnings being deflecting from mountain to road bicycles, is it true that are our athletes using this much impact on the purchasing habits or is there more behind the decrease of mountain biking?
Mountain biking has established itself as an Olympic sport, is getting money from Sport England, and millions are spent sustainable facilities like the seven stanes in Scotland, yet concerning medals has been defeated by the much less reachable discipline of course cycling, why?

Technological revoloution
The 00's attracted suspension and brought from motocross and Dakar rushing to provide us pedalling platforms and higher rate compression circuits.
Gary Fisher floated a concept from the 90's a larger wheel dimension could be better for mountain biking and with the support of Trek bicycles he began creating a line of larger wheeled bikes. All these were slow to remove with favourable reviews and lots of obvious advantages.
Mountain bicycles had evolved to a stage where they might be ridden all day in comfort and down and up virtually any terrain as a result of their advanced suspension systems and very low weight. It has become increasingly tough to generate a bicycle more competent without using brittle and expensive materials such as carbon fiber to decrease weight and gain performance benefits, so manufacturers began to look at alternatives like the wheel dimensions.
Bikes with 29 inch wheels were undoubtedly more competent yet the people did not like the looks and were hung up on older negative notions like slow managing and Terrible wheels, which were ironed out at the years of development which they had obtained. The bicycle industry was distressed to push 29ers since the next biggest thing however the public was not buying, so after looking into the biking archive another wheel dimension was discovered, 650b. This was like some 26in wheel in appearances, nevertheless was slighter larger so could gain from the investment made in advertising the 29 inch wheel size and its related advantages, and as everybody knows if you are unsure what to purchase, go to the center alternative! This may be the ideal stepping stone for individuals wanting to test a brand new wheel dimensions, nevertheless, manufacturers did not wish to create tyres, forks, frames for three wheel dimensions choices so thought they'd force the problem and quickly dropped 26in from the belief that everybody would go out and purchase a new 650b or 29er mountain bicycle.

Why have we not bought into the brand new wheel dimensions?
Now as with electricity, cash can't only be generated (unless you are a banker), then it has to alter form. Presently there are million of clients who'd dearly love to get the newest latest best 650b or even 29 mountain bike, their primary problem is money.
BUT, and this is the crux, since the bicycle companies have done such a fantastic job telling us that 26inch brakes are unworthy and old fashioned, so much so they have stopped producing themnobody desires 26 inch wheeled bicycles and also the used market has dropped. There's a large sum of money tied up that is proving extremely tough to release. It has left a great deal of people with quite expensive bikes they can't market even if they desired to.
Bike stores are still seeing static or moderate growth at current and this seems to chiefly in the street sector.
In my view mountain bikers have a couple choices. The wheel dimensions of 27.5 is quite marginally grippier and quicker so there is no need to purchase one if you ride a great 26 inch wheeled bike, when you've got the 2012 mountain bike of this year just how bad is it today? There's also a lot of rather cheap 26 inch parts available to maintain your bike working great.
If you're thinking about a brand new bike then I will heartily recommend a 29er, they're secure, fast steering, roll over things better and are quicker allround. Its a pity that clients are only now getting accustomed to the notion of"big wheels are best" in precisely the exact same time that the bicycle market is again hoping to narrow the number of goods they create and are decreasing the amount 29ers in favor of their"next big thing", FAT bicycles!
Your next choice is to go with the flow and purchase a road bike, it is going to make you fitter, last longer and its more accessible as most of us have streets outside our door. But they're just about to get a revolution regards disc brakes on street bikes, so in the event that you would like to prevent all this controversy then about a brand new game, golf anybody?

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